Centricity CA 1000

Centricity CA 1000 at HCA Healthcare is a primary diagnostic image review workstation with advanced image display and analysis tools. CA 1000 can also be used for clinical and/or secondary reviews throughout a healthcare facility, including review of multi-modality images generated in other departments. CA 1000 provides comprehensive image viewing capabilities for nearly all DICOM images in a cardiology-specific display protocol, advanced cardiac X-ray analysis tools and an echocardiography measurement package.

Centricity PACS

Centricity PACS offers a proven, scalable imaging IT platform designed to optimize radiologist productivity, enhance physician satisfaction, and interoperate with existing departmental (RIS, dictation) and enterprise (electronic medical records [EMR], VNA) systems. This PACS solution uses a single DB Rad/Card, RIS/PACS, native mammography workflow, advanced visualization, web-based clients, EMR integration, DR/BC and high availability. The new Universal Viewer brings together intelligent tools, enhanced usability and access, advanced visualization and breast imaging to help optimize productivity. Unlike disparate PACS and 3-D systems, Universal Viewer helps to increase efficiency by simplifying information access with a single image repository across 2-D and 3-D studies, enabling holistic oncology and other specialty work flows, with easy access to prior exams.