Horizon Patient Folder (HPF) is a document imaging system application at HCA Healthcare that gives physicians access to review, analyze, code and complete electronic health record charts securely anytime, anywhere via a web browser.

HPF & PatientKeeper:

  • HPF is available as a link through PatientKeeper. Prior Charts let you view the patient’s historical medical records in HPF.
  • The Incomplete tab in PatientKeeper allows quick access for providers to process and complete medical record deficiencies.
    • Deficiencies in HPF are either signatures for voice transcription or missing information queries in patient records
  • Credentialed providers are automatically enrolled in HPF Notification and will receive emails when they have deficiencies that need to be completed.


  • Release of information management including fulfilling, billing, and tracking requests and releases
  • Accounting for disclosures reporting for treatment, payment, and healthcare operations
  • HIPAA and regulatory compliance