The MEDITECH electronic healthcare record (EHR) application is utilized by physicians, clinicians, other healthcare providers across the HCA Healthcare enterprise for the documentation of patient care. MEDITECH includes a selection of modules that can be integrated with the EHR for managing patient information, patient care, clinical information management and financial and reimbursement management.


  • CPOE - Computerized provider order entry (CPOE) applications enable our healthcare providers to capture orders and enter medication orders digitally for inpatient or ambulatory settings. This helps to improve patient care through centralized and automated digital workflows.
  • PDOC – Provider documentation allows physicians and clinicians to electronically document a wide range of information, including a subjective patient histories, physical exams, test and lab results, assessments and plans.
  • EDM - The Emergency Department Management application assists our clinicians and staff with the critical task of managing a patient from the moment they enter the Emergency Department until discharge. The ED tracker streamlines workflow by consolidating the most commonly used functions onto a single screen. Whether receiving and discharging patients, documenting care, entering orders, or viewing patient charts, staff can react quickly to patient needs and minimize wait times.


  • Electronically specify medication orders as well as laboratory, admission, radiology, referral, and procedure orders
  • Avert problems with handwriting, similar drug names, drug interactions, and specification errors
  • Decision support systems, and adverse drug event reporting systems
  • Centralized access to patient information improving the ability to make relevant and informed patient care decisions
  • Improved compliance with medical records standards
  • Document care using customizable assessments and physician templates