With PatientKeeper, providers can easily access and act on all their patient information in a single, intuitive and secure electronic environment accessible anytime, anywhere from PC, tablets and smartphones. PatientKeeper addresses the complete provider workflow, from customizing a patient list, to viewing patient records, completing clinical documentation, charge entry, secure messaging, e-signature, and sign-out. The platform integrates third-party apps and data from multiple EHRs and provides an individualized experience for each user. Click each feature below to learn more.

Desktop Portal

PatientKeeper Desktop Portal gives Providers a single software environment with a comprehensive set of clinical data from multiple hospital applications, accessible from any web browser.


  • Creates a complete, holistic picture of a patient’s clinical data to support informed decision-making.
  • Providers can customize the appearance and usage of all screens to reflect their needs, specialties and workflows.
  • Access patient information from multiple applications and link to other resources from a single integrated web page.
  • Create customized and personalized Patient Lists to meet needs